Nominated ”Singer of the Year 2011” 
for her Sieglinde at Wermland Opera by Opernwelt 

“The ace of the ensemble is without a doubt the young Finn Susanna Levonen, whose voice connects a rich mezzo timbre with a solid soprano height. For a Sieglinde these are ideal prerequisites. One can hardly believe that this singer has sung Amneris in Antwerpen the day before, so full resounds the actual ”Oh hehrstes Wunder”. Both roles are for the moment absolutely right. Undoubtedly in the direction towards the dramatic soprano Fach. This autumn Susanna Levonen will sing the role of Marie in Alban Berg’s Wozzeck for the first time. Also this, a part that had to come her way. As Salome she was already heard in Germany. It should not be left at this.”  Stephan Mösch, Opernwelt, Berlin

Sieglinde/Die Walküre, Wermland Opera Wagner Ring 2011

 ”Der Star der „Walküre“ ist die junge Finnin Susanna Levonen, die aber seit langem in Schweden lebt.                                                                                                                    Sie kommt aus dem Mezzofach und zeigt eine wundervolle Leistung als Sieglinde, und zwar sowohl stimmlich mit ihrem farbenreichen klangvollen Sopran, der ebenso zu Attacke wie zu feinem Piano fähig ist, wie mit einer emotional beeindruckenden Metamorphose vom jungen Mädchen im Gefängnis Hundings zur verantwortungsvollen Mutter – ein Riesentalent! …. Beide zusammen konnten in der „Walküre“ grosse Emotionen entfachen…”   Klaus Billand, Der neue Merker, Wien, April 2011

 ”No country has probably as many Wagner singers of class in proportion to population as Sweden, and Susanna Levonen is magnificent as Sieglinde, created with devotion and intelligence.”   Lennart Bromander, Aftonbladet, Stockholm April 2011

Un ballo in maschera, Theater Pforzheim, Germany 2013

Big voices…The dark timbred Soprano of Susanna Levonen (Amelia) shines transformed into tragedy, in Morrò, ma prima in grazia.”   Pforzheimer Zeitung

Susanne Levonen…provided Amelia with so much vocal artistic impetus, that both scenes at the gallows hill became the highlight of the evening.”   Badische Neueste Nachrichten

As a game ball between the two men’s jealousy, Susanna Levonen creates an in every way fine character, using her highly dramatic Soprano expressively as well as with emotion.”   Mühlacker Tagblatt

Marie/Wozzeck, Theater Pforzheim 2012

”Marie, die Partnerin des ausgebeuteten Wozzeck, kommt als Amy Winehouse. Eine orientierungslose junge Frau mit tätowiertem Oberarm und Lust auf Abwechslung. Die finnische Sopranistin Susanna Levonen singt die Partie mit der hell strahlenden Bravour einer kraftstrotzenden Wagner-Heldin und mit genügend Differenzierungsvermögen, um der Selbstbefragung in der Bibelszene Gewicht zu geben.”

Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 4. Juni 2012

 Salome, Malmö Opera 2008

 ”The young Finnish soprano Susanna Levonen lives more than well up to this double demand. She embodies even the myth of Salome, to look like a 16-year old and to have a voice like an Isolde. This is very rare to experience.”

Peter Johannes Erichsen – Weekend-Avisen, Copenhagen 15th of Februari 2008

 ”At Malmö Opera Salome is sung by Susanna Levonen… The blond Finn has seriously developed to a dramatic singer and gets along exceptionally.”

Søren Schauser – Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, 17th of February 2008

 ”The title role is magnificent and requires a fierce acting on every level. Susanna Levonen is completely illusory as a spoilt upperclass teenager, eroticly obsessed and immaturely childish. The voice is shining and has a youthful lustre and she looks like sprung out of a painting by Klimt or Munch (and besides she looks remarkably like Kate Winslet in Titanic). This should be a fairly break-through for Susanna Levonen.”

Lennart Bromander – Aftonbladet, 10 februari 2008

Magda Sorel/The Consul, Menotti, Folkoperan Stockholm 2009

 ”Intense soprano Susanna Levonen, tashe Magda Sorel, did not spare herself – or the audience – any soul baring in her portrayal, making even the moments of stillness count.“

Opera News 25 februari 20094

„And the soprano Susanna Levonen’s Magda Sorel… A role portrait that is one of the most revealing I have ever seen on an operastage. Levonen really gives it all – and a little bit more – when she embodies the feeling of gradually loosing every form of context…Her voice glows and cuts through and beyond ordinary operacategories.“

Martin Nyström Dagens Nyheter 27 februari 2009

Amneris/Aida, Vlaamse Opera 2011

 ”It was also the role debut of Susanna Levonen as Amneris – and quite an overwhelming one. The way she entered the stage in triumph with that pluche elephant, or the way she grabbed one end of the couch for her Ritorna vincitor! and Aida the other. The best singing actress I have seen on stage in a long time”.

Parterre Box Magazine, 8th of July 2011 (written in English)

 ”Susanna Levonen as Amneris delighted me, and she was exquisite in her in hatred and in love involved central figure. She acted full of passion and used her whole vocal range when she in fury manoeuvered Aida to make her life bitter.”

Peter Année, 6 juli 2011

 The foreign Princess/Rusalka, Cape Town Opera/Norrlandsoperan 2006

 “In vocal contrast , Susanna Levonen is a soprano whose powerfully dramatic voice was suited to her sexbomb Foreign Princess. She gave the production a dramatically needed shot of electricity.”

Cape Argus, South Africa

“The Foreign Princess of Susanna Levonen is powerful and in total contrast to the delicious and enigmatic nymph. She appears as a Hollywood dominatrix whose towering rage when faced with the tenderness expressed between the Prince and Rusalka gives new meaning to the word jealousy. Levonen possesses a powerful voice and strong personality…”

Cape Times, South Africa

 ”Rusalka’s rival, Susanna Levonen’s seductress in tight leather pants, sings brilliantly with ice cold heat.”

Svenska Dagbladet